Titles of key performance of Golestan Meteorological Department in 2019
Launching of Air 134 with E1 lines (60 lines) Installation and commissioning of 15 online rain gauge data logging stations in the province Installation and operation of the dust monitoring system in Marawa Tepe Meteorological Department Calibration of technical meteorological equipment (radiation-wind-pressure) and sensors of Khus Yilagh road station Standardization of the equipment of stations in the province (Bander Turkmen, Minodasht, Inche Barun, Gonbad) Education per capita of all employees: 91% Studies on the placement of meteorological radar (875 million Rials) Purchase and installation of flood-damaged equipment in synoptic and automatic stations (30 million Rials) Holding a car auction (2600 million Rials) Reconstruction of the buildings of Bandar Turkmen, Minodasht, Inche Brun, Gonbad stations (4 billion 800 million Rials) Changing the status of contract employees to official probation (4 people) and official probation to permanent (3 people) Recruitment of new staff (2 people) Solving the cloud service problem of Hashimabad station Payment of pensioners’ claims Follow-up of Inche Barun electricity platform and three-phase electricity supply (60 million Rials) SMS panel tracking Research Project : Potential measurement and preparation of wind renewable energy atlas using new technologies in Golestan province Titles of articles: Analyzing the intensity-duration-area of ​​precipitation and the effect on flood using meteorological radar images and data (case study of the flood of June 8, 2014)