– Introduction
In general, the Service Level Agreement is a bilateral service quality guarantee agreement between the service provider and the recipient. Considering the development of electronic services of executive bodies and the importance of its quality and stability for executive bodies, it will be necessary to use and formulate quality standards for E-Services (electronic services). For this purpose, the service level agreement for the services in the table below is provided.

2. Target :
The purpose of this service level agreement is to determine the minimum quality levels of Golestan meteorological services (services in the attached table below) and the rights of service recipients (clients) in case of failure to achieve the service levels.

3. definitions:
Provider: Golestan Meteorology
Service recipient: client/citizen/applicant for service
Site or website: The collection of electronic forms and services along with the links of introduced systems, which are located on the Golestan Meteorological website at the address portal.golestanmet.ir and its sub-sets, to provide services to the recipient.
Time period: one solar year assuming that each month is 30 days.
Effective working hours: 24 hours a day.
Interruption of service: Interruption of the agreed service from the site or website of the Meteorological Organization of the country or the meteorological website
Receipt of failure: notification of receipt of failure, report of failure or reduction in the level of service quality announced by the service recipient.

4. Responsibility:
This section documents the rules and regulations that allow Golestan Meteorology to provide the service provided in the Service Level Agreement. It is also clearly stated what legal responsibility the agency has towards the citizen applying for the service.
• According to the regulations for the development of electronic services of executive bodies approved by the Supreme Administrative Council No. 206/7740/93 dated 6/10/93, all executive bodies are obliged to make electronic services and provide them through portals, counters or other means. .
According to Article 67 Clause P of the country’s 6th five-year plan, the executive bodies are required to make electronic processes and services with electronic capabilities by the end of the third year of the implementation of the program law.
• Golestan Meteorology has obtained permission to create and implement electronic service policies during 2017 based on correspondence number 9381 from the head of the Center for Development of Electronic Government, Information Technology and Statistics of the Ministry of Interior.

5. Mutual obligations of the service recipient and the executive body:
• The service recipient is obliged to submit his documents to this device only through the site or in person, depending on the type of request. (Materials whose approval depends on the administrative seal must be submitted to the Golestan Meteorological Department in person to perform the service.)
• The costs of providing services will be officially determined by the competent authorities and will be announced through this general office or the relevant website depending on the electronic or non-electronic provision of the service.
• Golestan Meteorological Information Technology directly or through the support company of the website of the General Directorate of Meteorology of the province is obliged to notify the matter through the portal or website 72 hours before the implementation of the planned outages and non-providing services.
• Service identity card, process and method of obtaining services, related forms and the person confirming each service are informed through service list menus, organizational and provincial service desks on the site.
• Golestan Meteorology website has provided the possibility to register and track requests for criticisms, suggestions, complaints for the recipient in the form of electronic services. In the “Contact Us” section, the contact information of all relevant meteorological units of the province center and stations of the province is placed for the welfare of the service recipients. As soon as the request is registered, it is tried to notify the recipient of the result of the follow-up of the request in the shortest possible time and, if necessary, to request an in-person visit. Based on the stability of the communication infrastructure, the Golestan weather website is available to the users all the time, and in case of any problems and technical defects, the users will be notified. The meteorological website of the province is available to the esteemed users full-time and seven days a week, and in case of any problems and technical defects, the necessary information will be provided.

6. Period of performance:
This service level agreement is valid until 12/29/1400 and signed by the General Director of Golestan Meteorology. At the end of the time period, a new service level agreement will be created and signed to continue providing services.

7. Termination of the agreement:
The service provider shall not discriminate between customers in the service level agreement regarding similar services on equal terms. Any agreement in addition to the conditions contained in the service level agreement between the service provider and the service recipient is unimpeded by observing competitive and legal conditions. In the event of a dispute between the service provider and the client, the Inspection and Complaints Response Office of the National Meteorological Organization will be the arbitration authority to resolve the dispute.
Golestan meteorological services:
1- Service at the service desk: (national)
Providing drought climatology reports
Presentation of climatology reports
Hydrological forecasting
Meteorological forecast of air and pollen pollution
Aviation weather forecasting
Agricultural meteorological forecasting
Data analysis and presentation of meteorological statistics and information
Road weather forecast
Forecasting marine meteorology and oceanography
Public Meteorological Services
2- 72-hour forecasts (provincial)
3- 6-day forecasts (provincial)
4- 72-hour forecasts (provincial)
5- Weather announcements and warnings (provincial)
6- Agricultural meteorology forecast and recommendations (provincial)
7- Marine (provincial) weather forecasts and recommendations
7- Marine forecast (provincial)
8- Road forecast (provincial)
9- Road announcements and warnings (provincial